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Pick A Craft Channel

Hello everyone,

Last month after the COVID-19 situation getting better in Thailand, Pick A Craft team has initiated a small project to push the stories of the local villages that produce quality handicrafts to a group of people who love handmade or handicraft work as well as getting the opportunities to know the histories of crafts from these villages including the transmission of local wisdom that is used to create works, the knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation to sustain a long-thought process. Handmade production processes from the surroundings or the nature forging processes that do not damage nature and the environment.

Our team has studied these local wisdoms and talk to the leader of the craftsmanship group, the eldest who creates these works in each community. We recorded the stories through video clips in easy-to-understand languages ​​and transmitted in both Thai and English, a story that conveyed the beauty of the surroundings in the community that the team traveled for each trip.

Pick A Craft team hopes to be a small part of the great story of the craft community in our home. We would like our fans pages who follow us to get information and enjoy watching the story.

Finally, please follow us on the Pick A Craft channel on YouTube as well.

Pick A Craft Team



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