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Promotion Campaign in September 2020

Openning of Pick A Craft Channel on YouTube

Thai Lue ancestors of Ban Hat Bai favor weaving fabric from cotton bubbles that are grown by ourselves on a hill or from a plantation garden, such as sarong, shirts, pants, sheets, and grandmother bags. His popularity and appreciation for his local knowledge and knowledge has always been maintained.

Hill tribal weaving products such as bag, scarf

Wickerwork from natural wood such as bamboo, rattan

Wood Carving

Handmade products from coconut shell

Pick A Craft with our partners from Chiang Mai, Phrae, Chiang Rai, and Nan on showcase organised by Tourism of Thailand from 19-21 July 2019 @LamTan Bangsaen Chonburi.

Kummee Studio Clay sculpture studio from Phrae Province

There is a traditional pattern according to the history that has been discovered for over 50 designs.

Celebrate Soft Opening 12/DEC/18 to 31/DEC/18

ABOUT WIANG CHAI: Wiangchai was formerly a village in Sansai district. Later, in 1957, it was approved as a new district. "Vientiane District" and in 2525 was approved to raise the status.

ABOUT WIANG GALONG: Wiang Kalong is located on Doi Dong Mountain in Doi Luang Mountain Range. In the village of Forest Park Moo 5, Hua Fai district, Wiang Pa Pao. Chiang Rai province Another important cultural attraction.

ABOUT CHAING SAEN: Chiang Saen District is a small district along the Mekong River. Get off at Chiang Rai about 59 kilometers.

ABOUT MAE SAI: It is 61 kilometers from Chiang Rai. Highway 110 is the northernmost district of Thailand, adjacent to Burma's Thach Khee. The Mae Sai River is the border. There are bridges linking both Thai and Burmese people traveling freely.

It is known that the dipper of the pool of the house in Tham Pha Pha Tong Chiang Rai is unique. It's not just water. I also admire the way of life in the country. Some of them have been impressed by the diligence of carving. While some of the artist's humor I see a lollipop universal. Whether it's a grandmother stepping foot, a dog's eye, barking dogs, small monkeys are climbing trees, etc. These carvings can move with a simple mechanism to look lively, no less than the puppet mechanism of the invention. Country

Wiang Kalong pottery is underglazed ceramic pottery that features various food containers, dinner service, kitchenware and household objects such as dinner plates, footed trays, cups, vases, jars, khontho (long-necked water vessel), nam ton (water pots), as well as underglazed ceramic figures, such as human and animal figures. The major source of production is in Wiang Pa Pao District, Chiang Rai Province.

Thailand has a lot of traditional craftsmanship and craftsmanship. Material selection and creative strategies that represent identity. Reflect social development and the culture of the people. Divided into: