Heritage of Wisdom in Thailand

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Heritage of Wisdom in Thailand

Heritage of Wisdom in Thailand

Thailand has a lot of traditional craftsmanship and craftsmanship. Material selection and creative strategies that represent identity. Reflect social development and the culture of the people. Divided into:

1. Fabrics and fabric products are the products of knitting and embroidery and social status.

2. Wicker ware refers to the household utensils made of local raw materials such as bamboo, rattan, sedge, and bulrush and so on, and so called basketry. The techniques used in making basketry are knitting, strapping, stitching using rattan to make the wicker durable and remain as desired.

3. Love machine means love craft is a key material in the creation of works such as gilding, watering, quirky decorations, pearl decorations, glazed glass sculptures, and fuzzy love or rubber love. It features gummy gum and can catch the ground of anything that is intended or overlay or coat the surface well. It is dry skin after love. High quality, durable heat, moisture, acid or alkaline. It is also used to bond the pearls or colors together.

4. Pottery refers to handicrafts that use clay as the main raw material for production. Both coated and uncoated. Clay texture requires a mixture of sand, sand and fine texture to help dry the soil is not cracking. Clay used to make pottery from various places can make different colors.

5. Metal ware refers to what is the main material is steel, brass or copper metalworker. It is made by burning fire to weaken and beat the steel in various shapes. Metal brass Bring the brass to burn it and then pour it into the desired style and finish. Metal parts made of copper used as the main alloy for the production of silver jewelry.

6. Woodwork means crafts made of logs or sawn timber for use in construction work, miners, furniture, jewelry, tools, instruments, instruments, instruments, musical instruments, and vehicles. Screw, drill, lathe, grinding and polishing.

7. Leather refers to the local handicraft made of animal skins through fermentation and tanning in order not to decay and to be flexible to bend as desired. Movies are used in the performing arts. Including other equipment with leather.

8. Jewelry means craftsmanship crafted for decoration. Starting from the use of locally available materials to produce and develop using precious stones and precious metals.

9. Folk art refers to works that express the emotions reflected in the craftsmanship to see the concrete to respond to the subsistence and the need for beauty, such as writing, sculpture, carving, casting, etc.

10. Other products refer to traditional crafts that cannot be included in the first nine categories, which may be artisans crafted or made from local materials, or from waste materials.

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