Pick A Craft Channel - Wiang Kalong Pottery

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Pick A Craft Channel - Wiang Kalong Pottery

This trip, let's hear the history of "Wiang Kalong Pottery" from the ancient city "Wiang Kalong" , which is the most suitable source for the production of pottery.

Wiang Kalong is located among various cities of the Lanna Kingdom, and the village still stores traditional patterned wares Of Wiang Ka Long that take a lot for interested people to come and see., because in the future it may not be possible to see again due to the old age of wares causing some patterns to be broken, some designs can be kept, but they are broken and will not remain in the original condition, but kept so that future generations can see patterns that tell stories in the past

... Let's go and see the stories from Ajarn Than, the pottery group leader from Wiang Kalong together

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