Mermaid and Passion Flower


Name: Mermaid and Passion Flower Artist: Melanie Greis Category: Lithograph on Paper 1/4 Size: 65*45 cm. Year: 2015



Material : Drawing and Gold Leaf on Paper
Color : ฺ-
Dimension : 32x40cm (Painting Size without Frame) / 42x50cm (Painting Size with Frame and Tinted Glass)
Wiegth : 1.5Kg (Weight with Frame and Tinted Glass)
Made to Order : No

Concept: The artist relayed the relief of pain caused by a herniated disc. By swimming on the advice of a doctor which without gravity is the best treatment that helps to relax and reduce injuries. The flower in the picture is the flower-flavored flower that represents Christianity to all 7 sins and is the flower that the artist finds very often as a child, because the German father has collected it.

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